Monday, August 8, 2011

Lava Lamps...

This idea came from

We reused the bottles from water bottle bowling, to make lava lamps. Then we got vegetable oil, water, food coloring and alka seltzer.

Fill your bottles a little more then half full of vegetable oil, fill the rest of the bottle, leaving about an inch of space, with water. Add food coloring, to make desired color. Again, food coloring was a huge hit. Add half of an alka seltzer pill at a time, and watch the "lava"!

The good news is, the bottles can be stored and saved for more use later. The kids also liked watching how the water and oil didn't mix.


  1. I LOVE IT!! Keep these craft posts coming! I want to do each one with my kids! LAVA LAMPS!? HA! Who knew?! PS your Harry Potter post almost made me cry... I'm serious. Beautifully written sis.

  2. This is really great idea.I want to do it.I am very excited to do it.Thanks for sharing.
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  3. All I can say is awesome! I have done the oil and water thing before, but the alka seltzer was awesome! My 5 year olds LOVED it! Thanks for the idea.