Friday, August 5, 2011

....End of an Era....

Drew and I saw the last Harry Potter.... And I cried! I first read Harry Potter in 7th grade... I sat next to a kid who's aunt had sent him the book from London.... I read the first chapter... And was hooked.... I can say that I convinced a lot of people to give it a try.... I was a Potter pusher! From the third book on, I was at the midnight release of each book... Went to 5 of the midnight releases of the movies....
And now it's over... I finally convinced Drew to read them... He loves them, as I knew he would! Thank you J.K. Rowling.... You were my childhood.... The Harry Potter generation.... Fabulous!


  1. Yes linds, yes. I am one of your greatest converts, haha. And I still remembering reading it in the back of Megan's van on a Friday night while everyone was annoyed at me because I had the light on. Sophomore year!

  2. love this post!!!! the final quote is AMAZING!! I sent it to my mother in law who is also a huge potter fan :) and she loved it too :) miss you linds!!!!!