Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pom Poms... And Balloon Cup Shooters....

Another easy and possibly free activity! This one is from Real Simple magazine.

We started out making some pom poms. I was surprised by how much the kids liked making these. I thought I would make them, and they would use them, but making them turned out to be a big hit! All we did was wrap yarn around a for, as many times as you'd like. And then thread yarn through the fork teeth, and tie the yarn you wrapped around the fork up with the yarn you just wove through.

Tie it into a super tight double not, then you can trim the loops to make a poofy pom pom. For this activity we left some of the pom poms uncut so they would "fly" better.... You'll see....

Now for the cup shooters... We took just regular paper cups and cut put the bottoms...

Then you cut off the tip of s regular balloon.

Stretch the balloon over the cut end of the cup, and tie the other end of the balloon into a super tight knot...

Load up your pom poms and fire away!

The kids really ran with this one, they set up all the stuffed animals and went on a hunting safari around the house.... We'll be finding pom poms around the house for years!


  1. How far do they shoot? Maybe I could fill one with Jackson's food.... Looks like fun:0)

  2. Those pom-pom shooters are funtastic! I love finding activities that we can make with items already in the arts & crafts cupboard.

  3. I don't know what the setting is on your site but we can't pin or feature things from it easily. I'd love to feature your pop-pom cup shooters (linking to your site), but it is telling me I need a password.

  4. Hmmm... I'm not sure why that won't work... No one else has had a problem... If you know what the settings need to be, may e I can figure out how to change them... I would love the feature!

  5. Thanks for the inspiration this turned into me shooting them all over the room as we played hot and cold to try and find them all! It was just pure simple fun and they LOVED it. Thanks for inspiring me to be a mom today :)

  6. This is so much fun! We used another cup and a hole punch, threaded some more yarn thru and tied around there waist to carry the pom poms. I also had to use packing tape to secure the balloon to the cup because they kept pulling the balloon off.

  7. These were great! We had to use packing tape to secure the balloons to the cups. My little ones kept pulling their balloons off. Works great!