Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mirrors and Towels...

Have you ever thought of something you think is pure genius.... Only to find you start seeing it EVERYWHERE?

I had the idea of finding a mirror that hung over half of our marble wainscot... Previously I had only seen vanity mirrors that stopped right above the wainscot.... Next thing I know, the overhanging mirrors are everywhere.... I love them.... Major bummer this week, I have had this mirror I wanted for the bathroom... It was basically my jumping off point for the bathroom.... After we got the vanity installed, I measured and the mirror is too big! Bah!!! Major heartbreak hotel over here!

(above pictures are from

However I did find this picture that I love, with a smaller mirror and a glass shelf underneath the mirror.... Pretty pretty! Now back to the drawing board for mirrors....


In good news, I love these towels from Anthropologie.... But they are $38 a piece....

I stumbled upon these look a likes, (much prettier in person) at Cost Plus World Market for $8! SOLD!

(two photos from Cost Plus World Market)

When I found the pictures online for the towels, I stumbled upon these chevron towels! Win! Happy September, Towel Hunting and Mirror Hanging!

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