Friday, September 2, 2011

The Week... Brought to you by Instagram

Polly helped to keep the tiles anchored to the floor, and warm up the cold tile with her potbelly...

We installed sconces.... Not the way they were intended to be hung, but they look awesome!

I heard "Yinzee (Lindsay) watch this!" Over...

...and Over....

....And over... Times 900... And I loved it every time!

Drew always call this "Soakin' up some sweet tasty rays!" and I laugh every time!

And I loved on pictures of this chubster, button nose, baby....

Smiling with a blanket/lion I gave him... I might have only held this baby once but I love him to pieces!

I went to Home Depot with Dr. Emmit Brown Drew for what feels like the 9 millionth time, to look at wood working tools.... Cool things coming in the future!

A puddle of Polly...

A ball of Cleo...

As an early birthday gift to myself I subscribed to ANTHOLOGY MAGAZINE!I luff it!

With my little patience... I spray painted a mirror gold... Now to buy goof off for the part that I got on the actual mirror...

Uhhh, Doesn't this Johnny boy just kill you... I know right!

Cleo's new favorite spot... In fact as I type, she is lounging there right now, in this exact position... Silly pooch!

Batman's pet sabertooth

Honda twinners! I don't know why I do this, but whenever I see the same car as mine, I have to park by it.... Weird, this time was extra special! Just like my car part of the Accord decal had fallen off but all that was left of theirs was the cord, and I just have the AC..... Soul mates... (Katie Redd, did you just hear your own voice reading that? Ha!)

Drew and I go... Almost daily to our local Holiday gas station and get refills on our drinks... We have made some great friends... Chris tells us funny stories of his time in couples therapy, Cody calls Drew and me "the soulmates", Marni gets disappointed in me when I forget my refill cup.... And Scott's just working for the weekend! Anyway dot dot dot one awful horrible day they were out of Diet Coke.... I think it's a bad omen!

And I'll tell you what that bad omen was.... Drew dropped his iPhone off the roof and it exploded! Now he's stuck waiting for the upgraded iPhone... Good news is, I don't ever have to be teased about being more responsible with my stuff... Sure I left my iPhone on Drew's truck bumper and we drove away.... Sure we found it in the middle of the road two miles later... Whatevs! I've still got mine!

I saw one of these electro thingies for the first time in real life... Check that off my bucket list...

And we had a 3 year old Do Your Own Hair Day! And they nailed it!

And that was my week dumped on you!


  1. Lindsay, you are hilarious! Love these pictures, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bathroom. The stencil is amazing, so is the tile, the vanity, ok everything in there is amazing!

  2. have you tried a polar pipe for your diet coke? it changed my life...and nick's. better get yourself one.

  3. I don't know if this REALLY works, but it has worked for me in the past... maybe for the next mirror you paint? I just gloss my mirror with Vaseline, paint, wipe mirror and... there you have it... a CLEAN mirror, paint free.

  4. Jen! I'm so excited for you Congrats to your family!
    Mike... My next stop is the polar pipe! Sounds amazing!
    Jenny!!! That sounds so brilliant! I'm going to try that!

  5. what is this exposure? I'm loving the photos more than anything. how do i get me one?

  6. Annalisa! It's an iPhone app called Instagram. When you take a picture you choose which filter you want! and I'm totally obsessed!!

  7. Linds!!! I'm loving your bathroom, I need to see the full 'after' pictures please!?