Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Sister Love...

My love for Oprah grew exponentially when I saw her talking to her pooches. I knew she loved dogs, but it was so sweet to see her interact with them. Calling her pup her "daughter dog".... I get it! These dogs Make us so happy....

We now have his and hers dogs... Cleo is still a little bit more of a lone wolf... No one has been able to take the place of Caesar. Little Miss Polly is a definite daddy's girl. Drew took her to work for two days and after that she would sit at the top of the stairs and howl if he ever dare leave her.

She now comes home after a long day of work with matted down hair full of caulk and sheet rock dust. But fat and happy from street tacos and pizza. Everyone loves to feed that sweet face.

She loves to sit on top of the roof and watch the cops pull people over. Scares me to death but she's a super pooch. Drew even takes her up on the scaffolding and when they are done she leaps off into his arms! No fear.


Drew filmed it sideways but we love that girl!

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