Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Summers Art... Becomes Wall Art...

Last summer while nannying we painted these canvases...

Why not make another project out of them?

I had some leftover Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue paint from a swatch I was trying out on a wall. Some painters tape from the trunk of my car... And that's all we needed! I masked off a square in the middle of the canvas and free handed a K and an L. I then went back through with an exacto knife and trimmed out the letters.

I went back through and pressed the tape down all over...


Then we did several light coats of paint over the tape, and as soon as the final layer was dry to the touch I went back through with my exacto knife and cut out the letters.

Slowly pulled off the tape... Pull the tape off up and over itself... I ended up pinching both sides of the tape while I pulled. It worked out really well. I only had a few bleeds, that were easily scratched off with the exacto knife.

Love the underlying texture.... Especially the hidden grass blades.


Then back they went in the wall!