Thursday, March 1, 2012

Miracle on Main St...

Remember this beauty from last week? We'll Drew and his guys have been hard at work...

They installed cedar shakes on all the pop outs of the house. It is absolutely beautiful!

Adding the shakes to the back, absolutely makes it! This backyard is amazing.... Or will be.... All I know is I wouldn't mind a swimming pool, with this view!

Cedar shakes are something that just get better with time.... However we are wanting to get this house back on the market in a few weeks, so we had to give the patina of the shakes a little help... And stained them brown.... It made all the difference!

Bigger better view of Drew's posts!

Yesterday the new windows were installed... Just in time for their huge storm! Love the design on them... Tomorrow I am off to pick a door color! Exciting!

Who doesn't love a good side by side? Sorry to our instagram followers... You get hit with a double dose of these pictures!


  1. Cedar shakes always cozy up a place. Nice transformation so far.

  2. AmOZing! You guys are so talented. Miss you both!

  3. Linds! Longtime no chat sista! This is awesome, we live right by this house and have commented on how great it looks and had no idea you two are the ones making it happen - wow! Props! Hope all is well, much love your way! MO