Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(No Longer) Pink House Tile...

The is almost completely installed... Which means cabinets will be in shortly! How pretty is this tile? I love the linen texture it has. I laid it out in a brick pattern that extends from the mudroom, vertically all the way out the back door. It really helped to enlarge the feeling of a pretty narrow kitchen. It is amazing how much can change with materials.

Now to pick paint colors!

I love white tile, but wanted a change from white subway tile. This tile is a 12x24 tile, with an overall white color, however the smaller detail has tiny grey, and white squares.

So subtle, but detailed...

To blend the bathroom floor tile, and the shower stall walls, I chose a stone mosaic, that has a lot of brown and grey in it. Perfect for a shower stall floor. Now onto the grout!


  1. love the linen finish Linds! I'm so excited you get to do your own house, so fun

  2. This house is looking SO good! I love all of your pictures you post of your latest projects. One day, I will hire you!!

  3. Hi, do you have the source of that 12x24 white mosaic tile? It is so pretty! thanks!

  4. Do you still know the source of that white tile? Thank you!