Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Angel.... Of Destruction... Polly.

Let's just say Drew and I have different techniques on how to train and raise dogs. Polly is Drew's dog, goes to work with him in most days... Cleo and Mac are mine.... Balanced? Hmm.... Anyway, Polly is never pleased when Drew leaves her behind. Even worse then when we both leave. Drew refused to let me crate train her... So he would leave her in our room with the door closed. Cleo is fine to free roam and I crate trained Mac... So no destruction on their parts...

We were constantly coming home to fun new holes in our bedroom walls! What? No, Polly, don't!

Polly photo bombing on her handiwork! I hesitated to post this, because I in no way want to condone or make people think it is okay to have a dog and just keep them outside. Don't have a dog if that's what you are going to do. Anyway.... There are occasions when we have to run an errand and don't want to keep the dogs cooped up inside. I repeat, when we are home the dogs are with us, this isn't a replacement for walks or exercise.

We have a shed in our backyard pretty beat, but has 4 insulated walls. We installed an air conditioner and a dog door.

We put some chain link for a little outdoor area! And boom! Polly do your worst!

Saving our walls!

Just to prove our dogs are indoor dogs, Cleo is showing the best seat in the house.

And these two..... All night long cuddle fest.... Seriously love each other!


  1. and i wants to see the ....filing cabinet / food storage idear... wink wink