Friday, May 18, 2012

Bathroom Door....

Drewpy and I have been taking the whole "open floor plan" to the extreme... Bathroom door? What? Who needs one? How would we be able to carry on flawless conversation from the living room to the bathroom? Not miss a beat while watching Gossip Girl, and using the restroom? And my personal favorite.... How could I throw an ice cold cup of water on Drew while he's taking a shower, while I stand in the hallway? Well we decided it was time.... We found a beautiful door. Almost 100 years old with the most beautiful beveled glass. We got it off of this house that Drew worked on... 'Member that?

Drew built a door jamb.... What? You can build those.... Apparently! Who knew? Then trimmed our beautiful solid wood and glass door to fit the opening perfectly....

Beautiful... I am going to hang a ruffled curtain over the door, that can be opened to display our bathroom-of-tile-wonderland... Remember my bathtub window to provide light? We still don't have it installed.... But now do you see my direct shot of cup o' ice water vs Defenseless Drew in the shower.... Being married is fun.

Drew routing, the original keyhole, and another shot of Drewpy and his luscious locks. Love that guy!


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  1. I want a door ....please... oh and a door jamb-- that Drew's a genius!