Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cloffice Faux Wallpaper(Updated)

While doing my daily design search I came across this room.
(Here is the original picture I found...)
Designed by Katie Ridder. I can't remember where I originally saw this room, but found it again here. In our basement remodel we have expanded our closet sizes, by moving some walls and openings. More on that later.... In moving these closets I have made an office, within an office. The office closet, is turning into my "Cloffice".... I wanted to try this wallpaper on a much smaller scale, and by painting it, instead of actual wallpaper
I started out measuring out 1'x1' squares, and taped them off with 1.5" tape.
I bought this Martha Stewart Metallic Paint from Home Depot for $5. Then went to a craft store and picked up this dowel with foam round tip for $3. After I had the squares measured out, I put two strips of tape on a ruler, and dabbed paint on the ruler every 1.5". It ended up being 9 dots on every side.
After doing a few lines and rows I went through and marked all the corners, this helped me keep an eye if the dots were getting too close together.
It took a while, and quite a few Keeping Up With the Kardashians, on Netflix.... Question.... Why do these people have a reality show? Ah, what does it matter? Besides their use of the "r-word" they are a pretty funny family.... I get their humor.... Take that for what it's worth...
Dot after dot....
I am crazy about how it turned out! The metallic gold against the flat white is awesballs!
I moved in my $5 thrifted desk.... It needs a lot of work, but I love the shape. I'm just trying to decide how to finish it.

I have been in love with campaign furniture for a long time. And I think with the right hardware I could make it look similar to the one below. I would love to do a fun color like the green as well. Or maybe a peacock blue!
Doing an ombré finish would be less expensive, I would just need paint, no hardware etc, and I think this is a fun look. You can see my other office ideas (here).
And as always the pups were a HUGE help!
Final reveal also here...


  1. I loooove the gold dots. So pretty. I'm hoping you'll have an open house when you guys are done. :)
    Love your blog

  2. love it all! i would never have thought of that pattern but it is so unique and cute!