Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Drop Cloth Reupholstered Chaise Lounge

We picked up this Chaise Lounger on ksl classifieds for $20 or $30. With the intention of just wanting the frame so I could try reupholstering. Polly got started on this project before I had time and started the tear down in the middle for me. Thanks pup!

I stripped it down to the bones and dismantled it. After getting. Look at the inside Drew and I are pretty confident we could make the frames and skip the stripping part.... But we both love a good strip.... What?

You can see above all the support this piece had were the strips. That wasn't doing anyone any favors. We had a sheet of OSB left over in our garage so Drew cut it to size.... We practice safety first.... Or we should at least.

Measured out where the button holes would go, and did a dry run with unfinished buttons.

Measured out the holes on the foam pad. And drilled through the OSB, and cut with a knife through the foam.


I got some thick string at Lowe's and purchased bright pink because it's fabulous!

I always seem to start projects before I have all the materials, and after the stores are closed. This project was no exception. I didn't have any needles, and had to tape the string to a sewing machine needle. Not too shabby!

Then I pulled the thread through the drop cloth, foam then OSB...

Darling buttons. Same color scheme as my ruffle bottom apron.

In hindsight, I would have pulled and stapled everything tighter then I initially thought. First timer learning curve. After this stage it was just basically a lot of pulling and stapling. And making sure to staple where they would not be seen. Next reupholstering project I want to get those little fabric claw things to hide the staples. I might also add some polished nickel studs on the bottom.

It was nice because the foam was $20 and the drop cloth was $11 so I wasn't too worried about messing up. It's not perfect, but I love it!

This will now be at the foot of our bed to hold our extra pillows at night, or Cleo has taken a liking to it. So maybe that means more room on the bed for us! Either way I see a WIN!




  2. Shut the front door Linds! That's amazing, I'm so jealous of your handiness!!!

  3. how did the wood part fit on the strips, did you glue it, did you glue the foam, how thick was it by the way to the wood?

  4. did you glue the wood partition to anything and did you glue the foam tot the wood? Also how thick was the foam. Thank you, Shelley T