Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh Darling,

Let's be adventurers. I saw this quote/art here.... I had this old funky frame laying around.... So I found a font I liked and figured out how to print horizontal..... It seems like that should have been easier to figure out.... Drew and I talk often about the adventures we will go on, and the places we will see. Most of Drew's adventure day dreams start with, "It will be so fun to take the dogs to Europe... How do we. Get the dogs into Costa Rica..." um, what? All of my travel daydreams start with dropping the dogs off somewhere.... This boy and his dogs....

As of right now we will take any adventure that gets us out of our neighborhood.... A hike up to Stewart Falls by our cabin always hits the spot.... One of my favorite places...

To many more bigger and better adventures, and loving the little ones along the way!


  1. Haha, I saw this on fab.com and so I decided to print/make my own version as well. Did you use hipster helvetica as well?

  2. Angela! No is that the font! I just used a close enough.... now I want to try again with your font.... I couldn't even tell you which one that was!