Monday, July 9, 2012

Gallery Wall

I've been working on my office gallery wall. I've been doing odd and end art projects and collecting art off etsy for a while. Drew called me a hoarder, I told him to get me some walls to hold my (expletive).... Joking I most likely said stuff!

My abstract family portrait.

I actually found a four leaf clover in a park. I pressed it and modge podged it. I loaded up on frames from thrift stores, and gave them a fresh coat of paint. I used up some of the extra sample paints I had laying around. Otherwise I would have spray painted them. Spray painting would have been quicker and cleaner. You just can't beat FREE!

The red telephone card was a card from Anthropologie. I bought the DOGS, Golden Book off eBay after Caesar died. Miss that pooch.

This was a page from the book. Makes me cry every time.

I drew that flower line drawing a while ago. I like the simplicity. And oh my giraffe? My friend had one and I loved it so. I found it while shopping with my sister-in-law and brought it straight home. I think it might be cute to put some nickel reupholstery studs down his neck to hold necklaces. Right now I'm just enjoying him. Now to paint the brown dresser the perfect color.... What will that color be.



  1. I am in love. Wow! It looks so great and I love that it's just "you guys" it is perfect!!

  2. Lindsay! i love your gallery walls! What etsy art sites do you like best?

  3. Thanks Katie and Kami! I actually don't have super favorites. I just like to search etsy for things I have on my mind like, great Danes, lemons, owls etc.

  4. I love it all... you're so creative. We're buying a home that needs major painting done (that's it luckily... this lady LOOOOVED purple, orange and bright yellow!), wish I could hire you and get all your tips and thrift shopping skills to decorate it!!!!!!!!

  5. Meg! How exciting! Keep the colors! Ha psych! I would go crazy! I can't wait to see it! Put pics up immediately!

  6. Obsessed. Your family portrait in black and white is my fav!