Monday, August 6, 2012

Shower Stall Window....

I love the look of these transom windows in showers. In fact I love all of these glass showers.

These glass stalls and windows do come at a price. A price we weren't looking to pay.

Some tried to add the look for less. I wanted a window in the shower stall to help our small bathroom not feel any tighter than it had too.

Drew built a frame from some extra wood that we always seem to have laying around.

My very own Girl With a Pearl Earring.... This guy.... I'm crazy about him.


Safety first second..... Beauty first.


I got this seeded glass on sale from Hobby Lobby.

Wood in a shower? Have no fear.. After some extensive research I found some porch and patio paint to use on the window. And this window sits so far back it is never in direct contact with water. Maybe just a rogue splash. I still have some touch ups to do, but it is in and I love it. This project was always looming over my head because I knew it would be a process.... But it was so worth it. We are going to continue the crown moulding all the way over the top of the window.

Now to fill the screw holes and touch up paint, and wipe off the excess grout.... That step probably should have been done a month ago.... Whatevs.... Look at that window!






  1. How cool, I never would have thought about a window in the shower - but I love it! How fun! When are you going to come remodel my house?

  2. can i be in line for a house remodel? bee-u-tiful window- wow!

  3. LOVE IT! haha girl with the pearl earring, that is fabulous! check out my blog for before pictures of our house and all the "fun" colors! soothing grays and blue/greens ahead for it! painting is done tomorrow and I will post afters as soon as the new carpet is in too! now i can start projects and try to be like you linds! :)

  4. I am absolutely in love with the shower door, the decor it self is gorgeous..

    -Solomon Berkovitch
    Storefront Installation Brooklyn