Monday, August 13, 2012

Big Cottonwood Lakes Mary, Martha and Katherine

I am in love with this John Muir quote. It speaks to me if you will... I made this print on the app Phoster. I went on a hike last week up Big Cottonwood Canyon. This hike was beautiful, I can't wait to take Drew. To get to the trailhead you just drive up to the Brighton Ski Resort and start hiking underneath the Majestic ski lift. The first part of the hike is a steeper incline that may be harder for little ones, but after that once you hike into the trees it evens out more.

I stopped at Dog Lake first. A different Dog Lake than the one up Millcreek. Just so we are all clear. The picture below makes it look so far away, but on the other end of the lake, which was probably 40 yards away were two moose. They were close enough that I could see them chew and turned when I cleared my throat. It was a much better encounter than last time. Miss that Caesar Bear.

I am crazy about hiking. The exercise, the air, the scenery, the isolation.... It all adds to perfection. I love to hike by myself. It drives Drew nuts. I have gotten better at letting him know where I am going.... Kind of....

After Dog Lake is Lake Mary, beautiful.

The water is incredible, mountains are breath taking, and as soon as we can find a dog sitter to take our pack we are going to camp up here. I can't imagine a better morning than waking up here.

Around Lake Mary, and up the trail you get to the smallest of the three lakes and arrive at Lake Martha. Just to the left behind the bushes was a third moose. Scary....

Something about being in the mountains helps put life into perspective. Almost a slap in the face how insignificant people and their drama can be. Up here it's just bigger than all that. Mountain freedom is bigger than judgement, meanness, stress and worry. I need that freedom, I crave it.

If you're still with me after that little journal moment lets see some pretty nature.

I love how the fallen trees have twisted trunks like this. How does that happen I wonder. I want to paint an office in this color.

A view from above of Lake Martha and a peek of Lake Mary.

After some winding I came to Lake Katherine.

Worth it.

I walked around the shore and found some huge moose prints, and grass spots where you could see a moose had spent the night.

As I said on instagram.... You can't take me out of Utah. I'm crazy about this place. Can you blame me?

Twisted trunks.

And on the descent a view of Mickey Mouse rock... Just to make this adventure that much more amazing.

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