Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Echo Reservoir...

We are always looking for pooch friendly activities. Most places that have reservoir on the end of the name I assumed were off limit to dogs. Thanks to social media my friend Laura let us in on a little golden nugget of pooch paradise. We decided to spend a Saturday up at Echo Reservoir.

We're were talking about letting Cleo relax at home and just taking the Springers. Cleo likes to be lazy and have a soft place to sleep and we were worried she would be uncomfortable. As we were in and out of the house loading up the truck, Cleo usually lays on the couch and watches the action. When we were finished loading up I looked in the cab of the truck and look who I spied. She was not about to be left out of this adventure. Silly pooch.

And an adventure it was. 40 minutes later, some chairs, towels and a tennis ball, we had the best afternoon. We swam, relaxed and played fetch with Mac.

It was pretty crazy how low the water levels were. It was such an easy cheap afternoon. Next time we are bringing some floats or a paddle board.

Love me some Utah adventures.

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