Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Windows of Europe

Do you have those childhood friends who you spent so much time with you might as well have been part of the family? Did you then end up marrying their cousin? I did. My friend/cousins traveled to Europe this summer.... I followed along via instagram and it was vicariously lovely. Megan posted pictures of windows and doors.... I died.... I begged and she graciously agreed to send me her pictures. Now I will pass them along. I want to print these and put them in my office.... Today the windows...

One of Drew's biggest pet peeves on a house are those cheap shutters, that are clearly not real, and clearly have no purpose. Houses have these enormous windows, with itty bitty shutters screwed to the wall next to them. And it's true, if you were to shut those shutters you would cover the outside 1/8th of your window. Why? Anyway... Look how amazing these functioning shutters are?

Total win...

the detail on the grates blows me away. Love love love.... Wouldn't these collages look so good framed? And tomorrow the doors!


  1. ummm can I get these collages from you?!?!? did you see my new paint??! I'm thinking these would be SOOO cute AND make me look cultured in my little powder room 1/2 bath downstairs... thoughts?!?

  2. sooooo pretty... thanks for the eye candy