Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Road Trip Post...

And if you know that quote, we can for sure be friends. Sometimes you just have to say yes. My parents were road tripping to see my sister and family, and last minute I joined in on the fun.

This looked a little daunting.

We stopped in Pendelton, Oregon and strolled through one of the most beautiful tavern/bar/restaurants I have ever seem. This Tiffany chandelier was HUGE and beautiful.

Scenes from the road.....

The bridge to our final destination....

All those hours were worth it to see these faces....


Can you have too much pumpkin? I think not?

A visit to the beach to find sand dollars. You just drive up on the beach.... What? It was amazing. This little dude loves to splash.

It was amazing.

Johnny has an obsession with the moon. It's a tough obsession to have when you live in a place that is cloudy so much of the time.

This little man loves his Papa.


We spent our time snuggling babies and thrifting. It was a thrifters paradise. The glass balls above are actually Japanese fishing net floats that have washed up to shore. And the football looking thing is a cedar float.

The glass pieces above and below are old telephone wire insulators. They don't use these any more. I am just crazy about the look and color. These two are the smaller ones that I found at a random house/store that was filled to the brim with treasures! I loved it all.

A sea urchin, nature is pretty.

This little piece of art. Was on the wall of this crazy house. Scored it for $3, turns out its actually a pretty well known artist.

The bottles below are the prettiest shade of blue. I want to get a lone flower to put in each. $0.25..... Sure!

Babies and treasures from the sea? Yes please!


  1. could NOT be more jelly of your trip to my Goonies mecca. Seriously.

  2. You can give my that print if you want or the Japanese glass orbs- whatever works best for you-