Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just a Little Guy

This is a little house I worked on.....

I wanted a yellow door.... Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue was the owners choice. You know I'm crazy about my yellow doors...
(My yellow door, and Cleo who looks extremely small.... She is extremely not...)
Maybe next time darling little house.
The inside of this house was AWESOME! Royal red carpet, pink trim, and pastel green walls. All over the heaviest Sheetrock texture you have ever seen. Looked like frosting. Basically the home could have been the inside of the castle at the end of the game Candyland. If that jovial king became depressed, brought in a whole bunch of cats and let himself go.

People do creative problem solving in their homes when they add additions. Check out the countertop and cupboards notched out for the doorway.

Kitchen is simple and cheap. I wanted pendant lights that would help create a visual divider for the two rooms. I found the look I liked at Home Depot for $90 a light. Then found the "look for less" at Lowes for $40 a light. Deal.

How great does Drew's board and batten look? Answer: good. I had to pick a paint color for the floor which was fun. First color I chose got an oil top coat which made the whole thing look yellow. Second color is Benjamin Moore Shenandoah Taupe. With a water based acrylic top coat which thank heavens is actually clear.

The bathroom before.

I went with the square tile on the floor because this house had a tight budget, and these are cheaper but still look nice. And this 1000 sq/ft home has a much more urban loft feel. The straight lines definitely fit that look. I loved this vanity. Shaker panel doors, and an all white marble top. Roth and Allen line from Lowes. Small house, small budget, big change.


  1. Holy cow, that is AMAZING. I can't believe the difference! It looks incredible! So seriously, how much are we talking? How much would does it cost to re-do a few rooms like that? You guys do such an amazing job.

  2. Lindsay! You're so nice. Thanks for the nice comment. Cost would depend on what rooms and what you wanted to put in them. We'd love to give you more specifics if you're interested.

    Thanks Katie!

  3. Oh my goodness, beautiful. Absolutely love your classy makeovers!

  4. LINDS. You are seriously so amazing, this is impressive central! I'm super jealous that you get to do this for a living!

  5. I am sitting here with my jaw dropped to the floor ... oh my stars little sister you are somethin' else... what a great house!!!! (The Candyland King got himself some cats and let himself go!! HA!!! LOL!!!)

  6. Hahahhaha! "If that jovial king became depressed, brought in a whole bunch of cats and let himself go." That was awesome. The house looks amazing. What a fun process, you're so talented and I bet this is such a satisfying process, you know, evicting this crazy king...and his awesome sense of "style".

  7. LOVE the yellow door! so cute.