Friday, October 26, 2012

When You Stumble Upon Perfection...

Drewpy and I were participating in one of our favorite hobbies.... Driving around looking at houses.... It's almost overwhelming how many horrible McMansions there are out there. WHY??? As we were driving through a land if stucco this beauty appeared, and restored my faith in humanity.

Just look at this masterpiece. Cedar shakes that are first, actual cedar. Second, stained and not painted. The cream trim with the blue stain. The details on the trim, and corbels. The five paneled, stained door, with the stain breadboard ceiling. The positioning of the porch, the shape of the porch.... I'm geeking out over here! The turret room windows are stained glass, and the mission style windows are so perfect.

I could go on..... And on..... And on..... And on.....

The side of the house, I love how from the front it hides the homes massiveness.... But more than that, it is well done ALL THE WAY AROUND.... One of my biggest pet peeves is what I call a "faceplate home". Remember the phones where you could change the front cover? That's what the new cheap homes remind me of, where the front has detail and trim that only wraps around two inches on the other side of the house.... It's offensive. Quit doing that! Thanks! Smitten by this house!


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  1. That IS beautiful. I love the colors. I need you to help me pick out new paint colors for my kitchen and front room...I am in need of a cheap update! Ha ha!