Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mill Valley Classic...

I came across this house (via) this blog.

This is the house of my dreams.... It was designed by Heydt Design, the interior design was done by Benjamin Dhong and photographed by David Duncan Livingston. It is all incredible. Everything about the exterior is perfect. I love how the front/entrance is the first thing you see. I'm so sick of seeing garage first homes. The porch with the detail in the post, the header and the curved barge rafters add so much to this porch. The side lights on the door are small, yet the sphere porch light is enormous. Love the sitting area off to the left with French doors and side lights. The porch above with French doors and detail added in the pergola. I love the dimension the porthole windows add. The mud room access off to the right, pergola and porch again. So much outdoor living. I love that this is a 2,700 sqare foot home, but appears smaller and every detail is there.

They continue the outside in.... That for some reason seems hard to come by these days. The sphere chandelier is beautiful. The grey island with yellow barstools make me happy. The beveled subway is lovely and the off white/griege cabinets are simple and perfect.

The mercury glass mirror above the mantle is beautiful. I love the different fabrics on the chairs flanking the fireplace. The desk and hutch with the dish display tie in well.

Love these stand alone tubs. The detail on the vanity doors and the grass cloth wall. I appreciate it all. Eye candy! All of it!


  1. sSoo dreamy! I love that it isn't a huge gotti McMansion, or too much, it's just beautiful and tasteful. Great find Linds!

  2. I know! Is it just the perfect size!

  3. I love craftsman homes. So unique, tons of character! Too bad we don't have a wide selection of craftsman homes (with square footage) in our neck of the woods!

  4. I love craftsman homes! Too bad they don't have more square footage in our neck of the woods. The ones that do are rare and few!

  5. I know what you mean, a well done home seems few and far between! Too many people trying to make all the money with out producing the product!