Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Dogs...

We had the most amazing snowfall last weekend.... It was a great chance to take the dogs on a walk and try out my snowshoes Tubbs Mountaineer 21 W Snowshoe for Women (Google Affiliate Ad). I love hiking and was looking for a way to extend the hiking season. I found my tubbs snowshoes on classifieds for cheap cheap cheap.... The ad said, "bought these for my girlfriend... We're not dating anymore so she never got her present..." SOLD... I loved them! Now we are on the hunt for a pair for Drew.

The dogs had a blast and have found ways of getting warm after their romps in the snow. I got to try out my new hobby with my very favorite boots. They were the best present I have ever received from Drewpy, my Joan of Artic Sorels... Just like these Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots (Taffy) - Women's Boots - 5.0 M (Google Affiliate Ad)... I do think next time I will use some other boots, I want to keep these pretty. That is what boots are for after all!

A dollop of Polly... Have you ever read the definition of dollop? It's perfect for this picture above... A shapeless blob or mass of something. Ha!

This is why having three dogs in an 800 sq/ft apartment isn't too bad.... They love each other.

And come on? It's just almost TOO cute!