Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Painting a Crib...

For a nursery I have been working on for the last little bit (full reveal will be later), one of the projects I took on to complete the room was to paint the crib. I started out with sanding the crib with a 100 grit sponge sander. To clean up the crib and prepare the wood for paint to attach. When every nook, cranny and baluster was sanded I painted the crib with this Wagner sprayer.

I was pleased with the Wagner Spray Fast Plus Power Airless Sprayer - Paint Sprayers (Google Affiliate Ad), it did sprayed the paint on with almost a textured finish. That could have been more operator error than anything, I have to put some research into it. It did however, make the job go by much faster than hand painting it would have been. The final outcome was not as smooth as I would have hoped, but I was able to finish the in a day.

For the paint I used a low VOC, water based, stain blocking, primer and paint in one. It worked great. It blocked the stain and I was able to skip the priming step. After each coat dried I used a 120 grit sanding sponge to knock down some of the high spots. This helps for a smoother finish.

After the paint set for 24 hour. And sprayed it with Rustoleum Enamel Clear Coat (non yellowing). Again, sanded in between each coat.... All for this finished project!

What?! Are you so psyched for the whole reveal? I am!



  1. Beautiful Linds! Although exactly who is this mystery nursery for? cough cough, hmmm?

    1. Linds, Don't try and project your baby hunger on me! For a client, but I will say this is a Nursery I would do for my own baby