Thursday, November 8, 2012

Travel Trailer Renovation Begins!

You may remember waaaaaaayyyyyyyy back when we bought this beauty.... We weren't planning on buying one, but happened upon this one for the perfect price. Better than that were the perfect turquoise appliances. So we bought her and there she has sat.... In our driveway. Well the house is now 90% done, and more than likely it will snow.... What better time to start the renovation?


I wanted to start with this scary picture, just for added drama!

Drew had to take off the J-channel, which is the angled metal ridge that holds on the white aluminum. To remove the aluminum, so we could see what needed to be replaced. There is quite a bit, Drew decided to start with the floor. The back section you can see in the photo was rotten with water damage. And some of the floor joist had to be replace. Drew cut back the original rotten subfloor.

Here he is reinforcing the floor. He held together the 2x2s with a framing cleat. We had a few bad pieces of insulation, that we replaced.


Then he applied subfloor adhesive to the floor joists, cut new subfloor to size, set it on and screwed the subfloor down back onto the floor joist.


After Drew had found all of the rotten subfloor and reinforced it, we had to remove the water tank and scrape up the bad linoleum. Drew had to grind off the water tank pipes from the top and bottom of the trailer.

You can see the waves on the linoleum, we took out the water tank, just to make sure everything is reinforced and the ground is as even as possible for my new flooring.

Drew cutting the drain for the water tank. You can see water damage above.

Where there is a Drew you will find a Polly.

Now for the pretty! After all the old and damaged was removed Drew went a step beyond what most trailers have, he reinforced and smoother out the floor with 1/4" underlayment. This gives more rigidity and an even surface. He simply put down more subfloor adhesive cut the underlayment to size and stapled it all to the subfloor.

New subfloor is Polly approved. Next step will be reframing the walls. Drew has built a temp support wall on one side so the trailer won't collapse. It's going to be exciting. And we bought our flooring. It was the last roll at Home Depot, it was damaged at the top. Which will be easily hidden so we got 25% off.

And if it ends up looking too much like a '50s diner, we can always paint it!



  1. Lindsay, you are so lucky to have drew to rebuild that from scratch! Something that seems just to overwhelming to do on ours! Yours will looks awesome, I'm sure of it! Love the size of yours! Is this one you might sell? We may need to hire Drew to do our countertops in the spring. That will be that last big cosmetic thing we'll need to do to ours. And I'm not sure I know how to do it!

    Thanks for letting me know on that bed! I had to pass because I'm on the look out for something specific and if I spend some $ on it, it better be the right one. ;) That was a great deal though.

    I don't have your email address and when you comment on my blog I can't reply to you because you don't have your email address attached to your blog profile. Maybe it's on here...

    Good to run into you the other day!


    1. I am a lucky one. I would have just as soon just done a cosmetic fix. Drew being who he is wanted to see how everything works from the inside out, and found some bad spots. Yeah it is a really good size! Full size couch bed, twin chair beds and two bunks. You would be a great one to ask.... What is more important sleeping or storage. I was thinking about leaving one fold down bunk out and doing more over head storage. So that we could have more of an open floor plan? Any insider secrets? And yes, we will finish this and put it up for sale.... If it doesn't sale we have a newly remodeled trailer to use, or it sells and we have money to do another one. We really want an airstream.
      And my email.... I'm not even sure how to attach it to my name. Ill have to search that out. Anyway, it's if you have any advice for trailer Reno, or Drew to help with countertops!
      Thanks Amy!

  2. If you want another one - Austin's dad is trying to get rid of one... I think he'd sell it cheap!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I think we have all the trailer we can handle right now! Maybe if he hasn't sold it by the time we sell this one! Thanks for the tip!