Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thrifted Living Room

As I mentioned in my last posts... (here and here)... I was adding up how much I have spent in furnishing my entire house... The total I have come up with is roughly around $350... That is a living room, kitchen, office and bedroom.

I am going to break down my living room... And I have to say this price does not include pillows.... Pillows were bought at full price! And I luff them!

Thrifting gives you the thrill of the hunt, the retail therapy all for a fraction of the price. It does come at a cost... You can't go to a thrift store to pick up a piece of furniture you want, because you will never know what is going to be there... You will often (and should) walk away empty handed... You have to look beyond what something looks like or is and imagine what it could be or used for... I'll start with my couch (for Salt Lake folks I have added thrift store names). This was a score from Thrift Town...

I love this couch, I love how the colors mimic a peacock, it is a solid cushion back and seat, a sleeper couch and the fabric is so durable. This beauty was $30.

My gold end table... One was a quick flip DIY from two days ago, that set me back $4. The other, my gold trunk is one of my favorite finds. It was a $9 gift from heaven both from my favorite Savers!

My chinoiserie ginger jar lamps.... In a pair no less! Were $4 a piece... $8 total... Similar pair for sale here... This set is $250. The lamp shades were a $2 purchase again from Savers.

And my mirror! I just got this one last week. For $11. I brought it home and started working on a room for a client. I was looking up mirrors and happened upon this one! The exact same size and everything 42"! The price blew me away, $585! This mirror is really beautiful, and understated in the photos. I love it. Can you believe it.... Savers!

On the other side, I found this pair of armchairs on Craigslist for $15 each. In perfect condition. And the bamboo nesting tables.... I love love love them! Savers!
(still need to get a register over that vent and paint the top of the curve wall... Pay no attention to that...)
The set was $10!

They look brand new! I found these used ones selling for $160. I also might arrange them like this... Loved the layered look.

Grand total... $106... Not bad I say... At least while we are in the beginning phases of building our companies....



  1. what are your favorite thrift stores for furniture in the SLC area.


  2. Lindsay, everything looks so great! I LOVE that mirror, I can't believe what a steal you got. It all looks so beautiful.


  3. wow this is great! I love coming across another thrfter! and you are one great thrifter.. i am loving all these finds - i can't wait to see the break down of the other rooms!

    xo Jessica