Tuesday, June 12, 2012


"Well this is fate... She's divorced, we don't want to redo the cabinets and you need a new wife! What do the. Call it when everything intersects?"
"The Bermuda Triangle..."
(You've Got Mail)
I had an amazing moment with fate yesterday. I have been loving these brass trunks for a long long long time. I just couldn't imagine where to happen upon one, let alone how much it would cost! I was supposed to meet a client to look at some tile, but last minute the had to reschedule. So last minute I was in the car about to get on the freeway. No biggie, I guess I'll just stop. Y Savers since I'm here...
And what do I spy? For $5..... Are you kidding me? Of course this treasure had to be instagrammed right away.

Pictures sent to my sister just to make sure I wasn't seeing things... It has some spots that need a little cleaning. The rest just gives it charm.

I walked the entire way to the register grinning from ear to ear. And a little worried someone would ambush me on my way there and still my treasure.

Here she is next to my favorite couch.

I love gooooollllldddddd!






  1. How cool! Where the heck is Savers? You find such amazing deals. I need to stop by. Your house is looking AMAZING! You guys are incredible at what you do, really.

  2. So you know how I asked you where to find a Savers? No joke, as I left work after commenting, I saw that they are opening a Savers just down the street from me. Crazy! Seriously, 1 minute away from work, 3 minutes from my house. Sweet! I'm so excited!

  3. Lindsay! I'm so excited for you! It has become routine every few days just to stop by and cruise through the furniture section! It took a while for them to build up the merchandise! But I hope you find good treasures! The one I go to is on 33rd south.

  4. GORGEOUS. So nice with your couch too. Jealous.