Monday, June 18, 2012

Painting My Dogs...

I love these Foo Dogs, or Fu Dogs... I think they are such a fun way to add a color to a room.

I found these gems in the sale section of Home Goods... Love how many times they were marked down.
I bought a can of enamel spray paint, and voila!
I seriously love this color! We haven't found the perfect spot for them yet... But I love them on my gold trunk!

My second project was a bigger pooch....
I love these regal pooches. I found a gold one right after our Dane Caesar died. It was a grief purchase... But then I started seeing these enamel hounds everywhere.

Drew just happened to have a can of white spray paint in his truck....
And now our Memorial to Caesar bear sits on our unfinished floor, next to beige walls.... (barf).... But I love that pooch!

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  1. Thanks for that lovely long comment. Miss you mama. I'm coming in July and need to see you. Love all your painted pooches and that your write (barf) next to beige walls. Most the world purposely paints their whole house beige. Not you and I love it.