Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mosaic Patterned Tile...

This post morphed several times in the short amount of time I started typing it... I was first going to show my favorite bathrooms I have come across... Second it was tile... Third it was mosaic tile and finally patterns in mosaic tile... Here are some of my favorites!

I know the above is not everyone's cup of tea.... I think I could put it in my forever house and love it every day! I think it is so original yet not outrageous...

Mosaic on its own is a statement.... Tiny pieces that make up a large scale piece... The wall above has a lot of variation, that works cohesively to make a plain wall with the illusion of movement. Mosaic tile is fairly easy to lay as most of it comes on mesh 12"x12" sheets... The tricky part is making sure you get the same spacing within the sheet as you do with all the sheets... You don't want to be able to pick out where they separate sheets are. I have seen this happen more often than I would like.

These next few designs I think are timeless... They are subtle enough and classic that they add dimension to the room without dating the room.

It's my thought that when you're eye moves around the room with something that is subtle it creates depth and space.


So intricate, so subtle.


Subway highlighted by mosaic tile stripes. A simple inexpensive way to get the mosaic tile look with out the cost.


This plaid floor is definitely a statement piece. In the right house I think it's a definite win. Definitely not every home.


I love love love this trellis pattern... Bold and simple! A very dynamic bathroom.

Thes bathrooms and more are pinned on my board here...

What are your thoughts on mosaic patterned tile?



  1. So fabulous bathrooms! These contemporary designs really win my heart, so awesome and beautiful! Thanks!

  2. Just found your blog and really enjoying the archives! I love this look but I tend to gravitate towards more traditional decor so I think I would be inclined for a more subtle pattern. I do just love the tile on the second inspiration photo!