Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Decor...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love having walls, flooring, paint (the list goes on and on).... An almost finished house for Christmas. Decorating for real for the first time... I started with my bunting that I talked about here... And some paper whites from a friend... I'm so in love with fresh flowers. Especially ones that stay alive in the basement!

We needed a fireplace for Sants to come down... I took my window pane chalkboard... And two minutes before guests arrived I drew a mantle and fire... I keep meaning to redo it and actually make it look nice... But alas... Here it is Christmas with the same fireplace... Love it! Hung our stockings by the chalk fire with care... Clothes pinned our Christmas cards on some of my DIY bakers twine.

I also made some smaller Pom poms and wrapped them with my twine around my tree! I scored this little guy from Savers for $3. It was perfect for this year. I wrapped my burlap bag from Washington around the base and it was Pre strung with lights... I want to keep it up all year!

I scooped up this Christmas village from the DI... A local thrift store... The houses (still with tags from the store for $8.00+) were between $0.20 and $0.70. Next year I might spray paint them white and add glitter. This year I thought the colors were fun. I got the tree candle from Goodwill for $0.25.

I bought some mason jars, these trees and village people from Joanne's at 70% off! Score! I made these Anthropologie knock off snow globes.

All I did was glue the tree and figure I wanted on the lid, filled the jar with rock salt, screwed the lid on.... Done! Darling decorations. For mere pennies compared to the Anthropologie decorations.

I used any glass jar I had laying around...

And even my cloche from Savers...

These ones I didn't glue down, because I like to switch out this one depending on the season/month/day...

In the bathroom I have my adorable Grinch hand towel my aunt and cousin helped me make! I love it... Drew hates it because he doesn't agree with having non functional hand towels. He is dying to rub his grubby mits all over this grinch grin!

This is one of the other hand towels I made... This is on our stove! I love it!

My Goodwill score if gold pinecone candles...

Out of my drop cloth scraps I made this tiny bunting to go over my map...

I scored on a quick sale from this etsy shop. A Recipe for Crazy! I have it hanging on an old pant hanger! It's perfect.

That is my holiday decor that I will be sad to take down... Starting to think about decorating for Valentines Day already! Happy Christmas!


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    1. Thank you! I did the Liebster Award just a few weeks ago! I will link to you and my other post that I did! Thank you thank you! It really means a lot!

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  3. Wow!! It looks so great! I love the Christmas cards.