Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I love reading blogs recap of the year... I went back to check ours out. And decided to share a few favorites. After all I have 99 admitted followers... That snuck up on me.... Thank you thank you! I have been thinking of a giveaway to thank you for following along with out crazy! Stay tuned for that!

We started our year off welcoming our (last) puppy Mac. I'm head over heels with this pup. I have to admit he is our best dog. I'm a little worried that with kids I'll have favorites.... Love all my pups, but Cleo being more of a bully breed, is naturally more independent... Polly is very much Drew's dog.... But Mac... He's my buddy and he's the best!

What Polly?


Still working on our place...

I need to post more progress pictures.... You can see some here, here, here, here...



A low was when Polly got hit by a car... Through the miracle of steroids she is fine, and has both her eyes!

We finished this house... And others...

With all of the beautiful work Drew has done in our house... I have to admit, the project that brought us the most happiness and sanity is our dog run. Just a place to keep the pups when we leave the house for a few hours. They are indoor royalty here. But no more destroying anything while we are out. This pooch palace is insulated, has indoor outdoor access, it's own ac unit and heater. The outside is beat.... But one project at a time!


I went on a lot of awesome hikes, this is still one of my favorites... This was my favorite sans dogs...


Started pulling the house together...

Did some fun kid crafts... Like this... More here....

Drew had some fun side projects.... Getting the look if a remodel for just the cost of paint! More here...

And wrapped up with Christmas decorations! What a great year! Thanks for following along!



  1. love the recap! time flies when yer havin fun! glad Polly's okay-- that was a MIRACLE! MY favorite post or yours are your Christmas Decorations- love those and what are you doing up at 4:14 AM?????!!!

    1. Thanks! And thanks for reporting the comment haha! You're the best! 4:14 Am is just when I set it to post. It was really the night before!

  2. YES!!! I'm NUMBER 100 FOLLOWER on your blog!!! I vote I get ALL of your Christmas Decorations as a GIVEAWAY!!!

    1. I swear you were already a follower... Sneaky sneaky! Hooray for 100! And if you come out my decorations Way they are yours... I'm thinking at this rate I'm just a head if putting my decorations out for next Christmas.