Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mud Room Magic...

Drew and I have been discussing must haves in our dream home... One on the must have list is a super functional mud room... Drew designed and built this entire mud room... It was just an open room before... For us, we want a mud room, that has a drain and a wash stall to hose pooches off after hikes or muddy walks! That would be a life changer... Here are some of my favorites!

Love this wash stall... Reclaimed floors... And silhouette labels on the baskets. I'm a huge believer in everything having a place. This would make life so much easier when you are trying to find little ones socks, shoes or snow gloves... As a nanny getting kids ready to go play in the snow gives me a pit in my stomach!

This link has a lot of beautiful mud rooms...

Love this idea of a reclaimed wash basin... Perfect for little pups...


I love the idea of pebble flooring in the bottom of the stall in the mudroom. I might be making this boot mat until then. Love this look!


Dog nook is perfect! I kind of think about a mud room for those of us with dogs... As part dog room, as you can see.



The idea of fold up chairs is brilliant. A place to put your gear on, but doesn't take up any room when you are done. Love the whitewashed walls, with wire chandelier. Exposed beams are my love!


Cement and brick trough sink with wall mount faucet? Yes please!



Love the blue, and individual seats and pads! Also the curved dividers gives the space dimension and creates visual space because they don't create hard dividing lines.


Love the floor, and the horizontal trim on the left walls. Interesting dynamic with the zig zag and straight lines.



Crazy about these rolling ladders. Cubbies are pretty spectacular too! I also like the goose neck faucets, on the porcelain sink, on a stainless counter. A blend of industrial and fancy!


Curved trim! Beautiful!

So there are some of my favorites!



  1. hi- it's me your 4th and 100th follower ...I like that compass on the floor and i LOVE those mudrooms-- wish we had a room to hose our kids off before they came in-- little rugrats

    1. Hahaha been laughing at your comment all night!