Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Fun...

How amazing are these carved magazines?

We puppy sat my brother and sister-in-law's bulldog puppy... Mac is the best with puppies. He is so patient and playful... Cleo is the head matriarch in the pooch world... When puppies start to get too rough she stands up and bops them on the back. Polly on the other hand is the resident biotch.... She grumps around the house when puppies are near.

Suspiciously similar book covers... Here...

I want this ipad brush.... Bad!
Almost like modern day snow crop circles... Maybe I should just rename this weeks post to Flavorwire finds!
Probably need a pair of these...
This sums up our New Years.... And everyday! What happened to me?? Speaking of New Years Eve, Drewpy and I had a Back to the Future Trilogy Marathon! It was epic! Always been some of my favorite movies!
My thoughts exactly.... (Well I guess my thoughts have an apostrophe and spell traveled correctly)... At least they knew their Back to the Future facts!


This guy is my hero and working on an actual hoverboard! If I don't have one in 2015 I'm suing Mattel and Robert Zemeckis! That is all!

Happy Friday!



  1. Friday Fun! Loved this post, especially Linky.

  2. ahahahahah!! we had a back to the future movie marathon too on new years eve!! we must be related!