Thursday, January 17, 2013


Our lives have changed and we don't even know it.... Or something like that was said by Drew as he was on his way home from Woodcraft with his new Festool. I cannot tell you the number of times we have talked about festools, festool track saws or visited festoolusa. I will admit learning about this told it does seem to be pretty incredible. The festool dust extractor system seems to be worth it's weight in gold. Drew started his festool addiction with the festool ts 75.

The track system appears to be genius. I have seen some other brands coming up with their own versions. They don't seem to be as precise as the festool. I would love to know the comparisons if someone has tried them? Drew got right to work cutting boards for a built in.

Here is Drew's google sketchup for the built-in.


From what Drew described to me it will look something like the window seat above. Awesome! I am going to try and get a good tutorial going for this project. Drew gets into a groove when he is working and doesn't have much time for pictures. We're working on it!

I asked Drewpy after his first few cuts if the festool was everything he hoped for. He said "better"... Oh boy, we may have created a monster!



  1. Okay, so I've totally been wanting a few built in shelves in a few places in my house - and I've been wanting to ask you for your help - like how expensive you think it would be, how much I could do on my own, etc....but this post really pushed me over the edge. I HAVE to do it! My kids' room is in desperate need of more bookshelves and toy shelves and I have a laundry room/closet that is crazy out of control that needs some bigger shelves too. Okay, I seriously need some quotes....HELP ME!!!

    1. We would love to come and give you a bid and see what you are working with ! Call or text me 8019106501. Or Drew 8012448790.