Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Office Day...

Our anniversary was splendid thank you for asking... We had a simple day today and have a full day of fun coming Friday! But now.... Offices.... I love a good office. I love looking at pictures of offices and seeing how people organize all their goods... And seeing all the goods I need!
This desk has to be my absolute favorite... It does remind me a touch of Jim from The Office's mega desk... Just a touch... What I love is the mix of finishes, layers and mix of styles. The stained wood next to metal legs! I die!


This looks feminine, but a swap of the curtains and some accessories it can be more gender neutral... I love a good grey!


No way around this one... It's all girl and all good! I love the gold LOVE print from Made By Girl.... The turquoise skull is a need on my list... And the fuchsia tipped stag head needs to make its way into my home...


So much to like in this office... What I first noticed was the paint colors... Dark gray walls, light grey cabinets, white floor and blue/green ceiling... The desk with a roll of paper, giant glass jar of tape and the balance lamps framing the desk are all delightful...

What steals the show for me in this office is the yellow of the National Geographics, over the tufted coral love seat... Such a warm soft touch in a dark rigid room.


Polka dot oil cloth desktop... Yes please. I think the wrapped rope light is a fun touch.

Oh this office.... This office.... I need... The mix of furniture rehabbed to look unique yet uniform... The center turquoise island desk with all that shelving and storage...


I love how they wrapped the gallery wall on each wall of the corner. And the baby desk is perfect for the itty entrepreneur...

This is how my future office will look... The stain grade opening to paint grade... All that wood work makes me swoon!


And Dutch door opening... Give me a break.... It's perfect!

I love the huge inspiration board... In my opinion an inspiration board can't be too big. The bamboo chairs are wonderful as well!

I like how they have a straight lined bottom with their gallery art...
A Cloffice! You know I love a Cloffice! Especially with wallpaper!


A creative use of space gets me going! As do those glasses full of prismacolor markers... I need I need! And those are some of my office inspirations!

Need help with your office? Shoot me an email! I would love to help.



  1. sorry I'm late the to the party!! Happy Anniversary!!! and cool offices btw!