Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine Pillow....

Love a good holiday pillow! I made a heart pillow to add to my valentine decor. I saw some I liked online but I had given my mom back her sewing machine that I held hostage the month of December to sew this and this. So I wasn't too sure how I would finish this craft. Then I law of attractioned this $9 sewing machine from Savers. (I will convince someone to thrift if its the last thing I do!!!) Done!
And as luck would have it... Two yards of red corduroy fabric for $1.00... Thank you Savers!

$8.00 later because I used my 20% off coupon I was on my way to sewing heaven.

I used drop cloth scraps that I always seem to have on hand. Folded it in half and cut a half heart...


Setting that aside I cut a square of red and laid it on top of the drop cloth. I had already cut my drop cloth to the size pillow I wanted.

On one side I found the (almost) middle and used my heart outline as a stencil.

I traced inside with a pencil, then sewed with a zig zag stitch around my line.


I cut the excess redd off the back, not a necessary step but whatevs...

Then I sewed around the sides of the pillow leaving a two inch opening in a corner so I could turn it right side out and stuff it.

Them I trimmed around the inside of my zig zag stitching about a 1/4".... I might trim it closer but this is it for now! Then I brushed along the edge clear nail polish to keep it from unraveling.

My happy heart pillow!

Love it!



  1. WHAT?? A sewing machine for 9 bucks and red fabric to boot! you are blowing my mind girl!!! and so is that CUTE pillow! LOVE!

  2. Darling! You continually blow my mind!