Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fun...

Who told you?? Hope our pups never find out!


I told my granny this joke and we laughed....


I was in a sorority in college (Chi-O till I die-O)... Loved it and loved my friends that I affectionately referred to as rental friends! Well the site above skips all the formality and naked hazing of frats and sororities! Call it what it is... Rental friends!


I like cool looking stuff! So obviously I need this apple slicer!


Realistic 3D drawings... People are awesome!


Bandaid not the right size? Print your own!


Earliest photoshop pictures! In the 1800s they layered negatives to be able to have a chopped head look.... Neat!

This made me laugh... I can relate...

This will be on our next phones and iPads.... Brilliant!

Love looking at this catalogue for 1950s kitchens...

This is a clever use of space...

A boat as a roof.... I can get behind this logic...

Happy Friday!


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