Friday, February 22, 2013

Update the Color of an Electrical Outlet

I have a quick little tip to share today... We had a bid from some electricians to swap out some biscuit colored outlets for white... The bid.... $15 an outlet! Whew... We got a few other bids and they came in around the same... Drew has a super quick, super cheap option to get white outlets and switches...
Drew cut a quick square slightly smaller than the electrical box, just exposing the actual outlets...
I lined the cardboard up over the outlet...
And with a can of white spray paint... We used what we had in hand, Rustoleum White Primer... Worked great...
And with three quick spritzes voila! White! (I should have scrapped the little bit of wall paint off first... But honestly once its white, you don't see it...)


Slap the faceplate on and done!

**Always use caution when working with electrical...***



  1. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that, that is heartbreaking. Good luck, hang in there!

  2. "get some rest... if you haven't got your health... you haven't got anything..." then hurry and post somethin.... want to see the next project!!!

  3. Oh Linds, I'm so sorry. Take some me time and sleep.