Thursday, April 4, 2013

J. Visser Design

I stumbled upon J. Visser Design and my mind was blown! If you follow my pinterest board Houses, you may have seen these. Look at this house! Look at all the unique details... The glass walkways with rounded metal roofs.


Incredible! My eye rests easy on homes with symmetry. I love how they could have just made a massive home (not that this is in any way small) but they broke it up with the glass walkways to give dimension that lead to more smaller living areas. Helping to make a huge home feel more intimate.

I really like the back view of the corner. What is a 90 degree turn in front is a rounded glass wall. I especially like that they accent the glass walkways with grey on the exterior.

Grey pop outs and functioning exterior shutters. Love the giant crown on the pop out.



1 comment:

  1. Linds, I can't believe you found my house! Silly you.

    But really. It's incredible!!!