Wednesday, December 30, 2009

X-Country Skiing!

I'm in love. I'm in love. And I don't care who knows it! I have been sitting at home for the last 2 days sick. I was about to rip my hair out. I cannot be in the same place for that long! Yikes! So I downloaded a map, layered on some clothes, packed up my skis and my sore throat, runny nose and I went cross country skiing!
I did the mitten/main loop this time! And it was awesome! Never having been cross country skiing before I studied up with the help of my friend YouTube, and studied technique and etiquette. I walked out there like I hadn't just spent the last ten minutes scraping of the price tag off my brand new skis. No one wants to be the newbie!
So I went to where everyone else was getting geared up, clicked into my bindings and I was off. A little faster the I had intended to take of and had to go collect one of my gloves that I hadn't had the chance to put on before my skis started making the decent without my consent! Smooth! So much for looking like an old pro! Ha!
After displaying my skills at the snow plow, I found myself in Narnia! Ha ha just kidding, but it was so beautiful! I only had to stop and fix my gear twice. I was a little too prepared with clothing! And only took one spill when someone was passing me and I got startled. Only slightly embarrassing.
I think I only freaked a few people out when I was following them mimicking their every movement to see how it was all done.
My favorite part was loading my car up with my skis. Just seeing all my fun gear in my car knowing all the adventures I'm going to have this winter! Now j just have to decide which bumper sticker to slap on my car. Like "I'd rather be cross country skiing", or "I brake for cross country skiers". A bumper stickers not a decision you can rush into. Ha ha! No but seriously it's amazing!
Then I got home and warmed up by the heater with this girl! Anytime the heater is on you can find Cleo wrapped around it. She looks like a lizard on it's heat rock.
Then to celebrate the birth of my new hobby, I whipped out a bowl of the BEST tomato soup EVER!
And discovered the best substitute for sour cream. Plain Greek yogurt! Blew my mind! Try it ASAP! You won't be disappointed.
Oh and then I hung out with one of my best friends a 32oz of Diet Coke! (Ok let's be real it's a 44oz, and I'm not scared!) We just love pictures together! To sum it all up by 5 o'clock I have had the worlds most perfect day!


  1. Wow. That is impressive. And holy cow, Weston and I had that EXACT same soup for dinner, what the heck? I appreciated the line from Elf too...nice.

  2. Diet Coke without me!! Ha Ha! I'm impressed with your level of commitment to the winter months. Really gettin involved with the cold. Maybe I'll try it with you someday :)

  3. I WANNA go with you. I am going to try with ruby on my back. do you think i will survive?