Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I took my road bike out!! The air quality was only slightly murky. But the sun was shining, there wasn't any new snow so cross country skiing wasn't an option. And I couldn't wait to test drive my new bike.
My pretty pretty bike! And of course I tracked my course on my RunKeeper App! I have already converted 3 people, and I'm pushing to make everyone buy this App. I should be getting paid for this. (Speaking of which, feel free to click on the ads running on the side of my blog. We get 10 cents a click! Feel free to click all of them! Thanks Meghan! My sister is a loyal clicker!) Anywho... The ride was amazing.
As you can see my intensity is much greater cycling then it is skiing. Not as many pictures to be taken while cycling.
And yes, I am in love with cycling too! I only had one near miss when my visiting teacher tried to run me over! Whatevs... Maybe she really doesn't like bringing me treats every month like she says! So great! So many fun things to try!!


  1. NICE!! february in st. george is going to be sweet!...and if i click on the links can i get a piece of the ten cents?

  2. I'll give you 2cents for every click... Think about it...