Saturday, January 9, 2010

Midway, Fabulous as Always!

After work on Friday we headed to Midway to stay at the Homestead Resort. This is one of our all time favorite places. If you go on their website the have a section where they offer specials. We got the bed an breakfast where you get a night and free breakfast. And this is not a continental breakfast, it's superb.
Fanny's Grill never disappoints! They have the best wheat banana granola pancakes Ever!!! Well Drew wanted to make today special so he started us off with a cinnamon roll!
And it was ENORMOUS!! No joke the size of a pizza!! We barely made a dent in it.
After that... I headed out on the cross-country course. This was the best skiing I have done yet. The trail was so well groomed, and managed it spoiled me. I think I am really getting the technique now. I even passed people up on the trail! And the most impressive part is I didn't fall!!! AhhhMazing! I even got into a tuck position on the hills!
How cute are my skis? Can you see the tracks you follow? I passed a couple that I could tell it was their first time and they were going on the skate section of the track. Instead of the classic. I thought about telling them, but maybe they knew more then me.
They fresh groomed tracks. With prestine snow. Bonneville has turned icy because of the lack of snow. Up there it was perfect.
And does this scenery not blow your mind?
All along the course you are following deer tracks. I love the outdoors. And now enjoy winter SO much more.
Look at that!! Well my time improved by 5 minutes a mile. I could be a lot faster if I didn't stop so often to take pictures. Oh well, I love everything about it.
My trail, time and calories. Worked off maybe a third of the cinnamon roll.
While I was skiing Drew was in the lodge reading/studying his book the E-myth. He's obsessed!
Then we played a game of pool and Drew beat me. We will probably never play pool again. Ha ha!
Then we headed over to Zermatt Resort to look at the Ice Castles. Crazy cool!
It was terrific anniversary celebration! Happy 2 years to us!!!!!


  1. wow, the time just flies doesn't it! glad you guys had so much fun. :)

  2. Lindsay, thanks for the white chocolate reeses comment, haha. Oh that totally made my day! Talk about a walk down memory lane! Those were good times. Does the term crazyhorse mean anything to you?? :-)

  3. Okay, I laughed out loud when you gently reminded me that he is "OUR" silly of me to forget! And holy cow, I want that sweet roll! Are those ice castles real? Wow!