Friday, January 8, 2010

Girls Day Out

So I am obsessed with skiing at Bonneville now, super convenient and the fact that you can take dogs off leash there is a huge plus. So I raced home from work today because I had a break before going back tonight. When I realized all of my ski clothes were still in the washer. I threw some stuff in the dryer for 5 minutes. I couldn't wait any longer, I pulled out all my wet clothes and threw them on. My body heat would dry it, right? I took Cleo with me this time. Cleo off leash is just much more obedient. She just came that way.
So I started my RunKeeper app, this time figured out how to have it alert me every mile I skied. It's so neat to know how far you have gone, and how long you have been going without missing a beat. Literally, the app voice just tells you right over your music.
Cleo was so fun to ski with, until she spotted some deer droppings on the track and didn't get out of the way in time.
She had the time of her life, and it blows my mind how fast she is. Caesar was just gangly up until about a month ago.
The scenery as always was beautiful. So we had a great day skiing, and bonding as girls. When we got home Caesar had left a very clear message that he did not appreciate being left at home.
I will admit this was my fault. I had filled up our Costco boxes with our trash and left it at the foot of the stairs to take it out later. I forgot and left it there. Caesar some how managed to get out of his kennel and had his way with the trash.
To make sure that he is never left out again.
Ughhh.... Exhausting!
I came home and Caesar had guilt written all over him. Usually he begs for attention when we come home. This time he bolted out the door and I couldn't get him back inside. To his credit though he stayed off the bed and couches!
And this is what I recommend to any pet owner. Nature's Miracle will get rid of any stain! So fantastic! And this carpet powder keeps the house from smelling like a pet shop! Just a little FYI from me to you!

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  1. You are seriously my hero! I want to join you on one of these occasions. You would take me to school however because I am seriously out of shape! I miss you and wish I saw you more!! XOXO