Thursday, June 27, 2013

Echo Reservoir...

Drew had a Saturday off! Wahoo! It was amazing! We planned on taking full advantage of this luxury and we did... We woke up early and gathered some supplies from Wally World... And headed up to Echo Reservoir... If you have dogs in Utah you know that it can be places few and far between that are dog friendly... Echo is super dog friendly! It was perfect. We pulled the truck right up to the sandy beach... Unloaded our cooler and chairs... Unpacked the chuck-it for Mac and had the best afternoon. We floated, fetched, drank, read lounged and slept.... It was perfect.
After a nice afternoon in the sun we packed up and headed to the drive in for World War Z. Perfect outdoor day.




  1. Sounds like fun! So, how was World War Z? Any good? Look at me ask like I ever go see movies...I don't even remember the last one I saw in a theater. Hope you guys are doing well!!!

  2. Hahahaha that comment was so funny! If you do go see a movie World War Z was good. Love me some Brad Pitt...

  3. Gorgeous! Your instas kill me :)